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    Kathern Ware walks you through her experiences as a mother of two and grandmother of ten. She provides you with valuable tips in this insightful book on how you can raise your teens into becoming productive and happy adults of tomorrow. Her advice amalgamates sensitivity, emotions, obedience, and love with a hint of common sense. These secret ingredients are the key to getting a child to cooperate with the parent and be receptive to their rules during their growing process. Tricks such as setting an example, reasoning with them, and teaching them to remain organized are some of the few ways you can make a difference. The book will expound on every detail of where parents can experience difficulties in raising their children and how they can overcome them. The book is geared toward parents and guardians of different family units. You can order this book now and
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    Elizabeth Joan Jennings wakes up to find she has been comatose for the past 86 years. Losing consciousness in 1900, she is exposed to the year 1986 with a new and foreign world to face, one where she may have lost her entire family. Alone and vulnerable, Elizabeth is left to encounter this new world and come to terms with what happened in her past when she was conscious. The book expounds upon her tragic childhood and how she fell in love with the love of her life. The book also dives into the aftermath of how her beloved husband and children continued to live during the years of her coma. The story is mired in love, family, heartbreak, commitment, and hope. Family Trust is an eclectic read that expounds on how difficult life is and the trials one must overcome to stay with those whom one falls in love with.

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    Lost In A Maze Of Confusion:

    Kathern Ware details her life experience of undergoing hallucinations for 10 days. She narrates how the hallucinations threatened her health and how she had to be rushed to the hospital for proper care. Her delusions, trauma, and mind deceptions are expounded upon in this book, as are the treatments she received for her recovery. Kathern Ware will engross you in this life-changing story of hers and inspire others experiencing the same symptoms to get the help and treatment they need. The story is gripping, emotional, and a page-turner from the beginning to the end.

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