Teens do not simply become responsible naturally. It takes work and years of training to get them to become adults that understand the values of following rules. The secret ingredients that parents can embellish their children with include emotions, sensitivity, love, obedience, and kindness. Through this book, you will come across many valuable tips that will get you to understand how you can improve your child’s upbringing. Furthermore, this book also focuses on logical analysis and common sense, which is viable for all parents and guardians alike. Order the book now at a discounted rate and find out all the recipes that will guarantee your child a prosperous and happy future.

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About Kathern Ware

Kathern Ware is a mother of two, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of 9. She is an independent writer, artist, graphic designer, and musician. She has been an award-winning freelance writer since 1973 and was a contributing editor to Suite 101. She has also written a kitchen design course for Her current focus is authoring books that will share everything about what she has learned in the past eighty years. The function of these books is to help people through her experiences and find inspiration through her works. She currently resides in Virginia Beach with her husband, whom she married in 2019.

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