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by Kathern Ware


I have been an award-winning freelance writer since 1973. I have written for numerous magazines and was a contributing editor to Suite 101 on the internet. My column is, women’s health, and herbs. I have also written a kitchen design course for notharvard.com. I am also an accomplished artist with sales around the world.

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Kathern Ware is an award-winning freelance writer; she began her career as an independent writer in 1973. Apart from writing articles, she is also an artist, graphic designer, and musician. She has successfully sold many of her paintings in other countries, and she has operated as a choir director for pianos and organs. Being a contributing editor to Suite 101, her column is Women’s Health, and Herbs. She has also written a kitchen design course for notharvard.com. Apart from her career, she is a mother of two, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of 9. She currently resides in Virginia Beach with her husband, whom she married in 2019. As of now, she is authoring books such as Family Trust to share her experiences for the past 80 years with people who can receive inspiration and assistance from them.

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